New Zealand Services : a trusted partner on your every project in New Zealand

New Zealand Services is a boutique agency based in Auckland providing a comprehensive suite of services to clients who want to immigrate, invest or study in New Zealand. This company has developed end-to-end services to ensure all aspects of the project are handled efficiently, assisting their clients in every step of the process. Since 2009, New Zealand Services has been supporting high net worth French individuals invest, study or immigrate to New Zealand. The team also supports companies relocating their businesses, opening new subsidiaries, or sending expatriates abroad. Its 15 years of experience give New Zealand Services a wealth of information and networks to put at the disposal of their clients.


Philippe & Ariane Meneut, the founders of New Zealand Services have been living in New Zealand for 15 years now and have witnessed the huge developments of the country. They bring their wealth of experience and their extensive network to their clients.

New Zealand Services is a New Zealand based agency specialised in delivering high quality tailored solutions to customers with a project in New Zealand. Visa process, studies, investment, business creation, vacation with a Working Holiday Visa… New Zealand Services helps its clients with all their requirements by creating a plan suited to their needs. To make sure their clients ideas becomes a tangible reality, the company offers a global approach and experienced, personal support at every step of the way.

The team members give their clients the benefit of their unrivaled experience, their network of recognized professionals and their commitment to ensure the project is a success. The team is made up of experienced bilingual consultants who enjoy happy outcomes more than anything. Clients can rest assured that New Zealand Services members will go the extra mile to meet their expectations and reach their goal within the time-frame and conditions they have given the team.


New Zealand services has been designing products and services around that philosophy: supporting their clients from helping them to define and assess the feasibility of their project.

New Zealand Services attaches great importance to being transparent and realistic with its clients. These principles are widely shared by all the team members and you can find them regularly catching up for coffee or having dinners with current and former clients!


  • Experienced licensed advisers
  • Solution tailored to your requirements, your goal, your time-frame
  • Leading company in the market
  • Comprehensive and multi-dimensional approach of the project
  • Excellent knowledge of the environment
  • Multi-lingual service
  • Network of quality local partners
  • Guidance and support at all times during and after the process
  • Flexibility, adaptability, responsiveness

Need assistance for any project in New Zealand ? Contact our team ! (lien : info(@)

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