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The FNZCCI, as a member of the CCI France International network, offers a full range of services designed to support French businesses in their goal of entering the New Zealand market, whether to export, find trade partners or set up in New Zealand.

List of contacts

Identifying strategic New Zealand trade partners. Full contact details of importers and distributors based on what you are offering, and additional information on their business.

Product / Market analysis

Identifying strategic New Zealand trade partners, presenting your services/products by email and post. Writing a report including an evaluation of prospective customers and recommendations.

Fact-finding missions

Arranging one or more days to meet with selected companies having expressed their interest in your product offer, in one or more cities in New Zealand.

Marketing representative, job-sharing basis

Marketing representative made available to explore the New Zealand market and handle sales follow-up on your behalf. This person will be in charge of identifying trade partners, arranging meetings, negotiating, sending information and reporting regularly.

If you are interested in one of our services, we can send you a quote specifically for your needs and requirements. 

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Getting ready to export with the FNZCCI

As a biltarel organization, the FNZCCI offers services to New Zealand companies willing to export to France: Analysis of the French market, Search for partners, Market/product confirmation.

The purpose of this first approach of the French market is to give you general information about the entry conditions of the sector and its structural characteristic. We identify opportunities and threats inherent in the given market.

Commercial prospecting

You can go further with the FNZCCI: we help you to find business or industrial partners in France who are suited to the company’s strategy.


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