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Welcome to our new member: Socadis

Socadis is a leading hazardous waste management service provider in the Pacific Islands.

Socadis was founded in 2002 in New Caledonia, making the collection, bulking, pre-treatment and export of hazardous waste for valorization and/or disposal. They serve mining, industrial, medical companies as well as governmental institutions. Now a leader in the management of industrials and hazardous wastes, Socadis has adapted to fit the complexity of Pacific Island Countries (Geographic Isolation, limited availability of suitable land for waste management infrastructures, high costs of servicing small and largely dispersed populations, inability to achieve critical mass due to a small consumer base).  

Socadis can take several types of hazardous waste, solid or liquid, and can also offer many other services as below:

  • Spill management equipment and training
  • Bioremediation and depollution
  • Sale and rental of absorbents and packaging
  • Support and analysis

Socadis has offices in New Caledonia-Noumea and New Zealand-Auckland.

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