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Welcome to our new member: SapienX

SapienX is a data & AI science consultancy and development studio driving positive growth throughout the New Zealand market.

SapienX offers tailored Data & AI solutions, and highly advanced cloud-based AI models that delight users across 4 continents. 

Air New Zealand, Foodstuffs, Eden Park, Auckland Council, and Deloitte use our data solutions on a daily basis. 

Our technologies leverage data to accurately reflect the real world - to give a few examples, our solutions have helped reduce carbon emissions, improve surgical operations and prosthetics, improve fitness and wellbeing, and screen job candidates without gender or racial bias.

Harnessing machine learning, business intelligence and predictive modelling, SapienX builds solutions and new IP for organisations that modularly complement their current systems. We work end-to-end with our clients, from AI advisory, design and prototyping, all the way through to production, implementation and ongoing support. Using best practice automation (MLOps), IoT and cloud-based technologies, SapienX offers future-proof tech, with great emphasis on Responsible AI and monitoring, ensuring our products are safe, unbiased and guarded against concept drift.

Working on cutting-edge technology, SapienX manages projects in a unique way; offering certainty and clarity to Executives. We offer a capped budget, guaranteeing that any overtime is complementary and delivered on time. We are the only AI provider in New Zealand that offers this, greatly helping our clients de-risk, and navigate what is usually unknown to them. SapienX had a 100% success rate on its projects from 2020-2022.

To learn more about SapienX's services, take a look at our website.

Want more of an insight into some concrete examples of SapienX's work? Don't miss out on hearing from Claude Michel, SapienX's Founder and Head of AI as he presents the following case study below.


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