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Welcome to our new member: Recépieux

RECEPIEUX® is the creator of “PRE-RECEPAGE” concept: procedure that replaces the recepage of deep foundations within the construction industry.

Since 1998, pré-recépage establishes itself worldwide as the most economic, most ergonomic and most ecologic recepage solutions. Its principle consists in drowning into the fresh concrete (into an exact level of recepage) a kit of pré-recépage. This kit is composed by several elements, variable accordingly the type of foundations (CFA, piles with casing, secant piles, barrettes, diaphragm walls, etc).

Between these elements, there are little plastic reservoirs, with a form similar to an OVNI. They are going to be transformed in a jack, once the concrete hardened. Then we fill those jacks with an expanding mortar, that reacts like a water bottle in a freezer. The product hardens and inflates, creating an internal pressure going till 140 bars. Under the effect of this pulling effort, concrete breaks within the exact recepage level to the nearest centimetre.

Kit setting up is done in a hidden time before concreting. Pré-recépage is done within the ground, without impact, noise or vibration, and without human intervention. Pulling up the foundations head bloc is done at the same time that levelling.

Saved time in this way can be counted in weeks!

« RECEPIEUX® remplace un travail pénible par un travail peinard »
Time is money, RECEPIEUX® will let you make a profit.

Some international working sites:

-           MELBOURNE metro (Australia) with BOUYGUES and JOHN HOLLAND

-           BATSMANE BAY viaduct (Australia) with JOHN HOLLAND

-           AUCKLAND port (NZ) with BRIAN PERRY CIVIL

-           Peacock Waikab River bridge in HAMILTON (NZ) with HEB CONSTRUCTION

-           Londres-Birmingham TGV viaducts with BOUYGUES and VINCI

-           PANAMA containers port with SAIPEM

-           CANADIAN nuclear plant avec MENARD

-           Victoria Station in PORT LOUIS (MAURICE) with TRANSINVEST (COLAS)

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