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Welcome to our new member: Menard Oceania

Wellington, CentrePort project, 2021


Menard Oceania is a geotechnical specialist with more than 45 years of experience gained by working on some of the largest infrastructure projects in the region.

Today, Menard is setting the standard for ground improvement engineering in New Zealand. Their team of experts understand local geotechnical conditions and use innovative, sustainable and cost-effective techniques to transform poor soils into solid foundations, ensuring Menard clients can build with confidence.

What problem do they solve? Transforming unstable or soft soil into solid building foundations and "we know mother earth can be tough out here!" Menard has developed a range of innovative solutions, among them: 

  • Rigid inclusion techniques (CMC)
  • Stone Columns 
  • Vibro Compaction

Solutions that consistently solve the most complex ground improvement challenges, enabling Menard’s customers to work smarter and faster.


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  •  +64 29 775 0060

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