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Welcome to our new member: Awa Environmental



As a group of environmental specialists in engineering, science, hydraulic modelling, geospatial analysis and policy, the team at Awa look to solve complex national and international environmental issues with innovative solutions that consider both social and environmental impact. 

Awa offer expert services in:

  • Civil and Water Engineering

Awa’s engineers work alongside other industry partners such as public authorities, asset owners, architects and planners to manage and deliver safe and resilient built environments that sustain and enhance natural ecosystems.


  • Hydraulic and Hydrological Modelling

Using a number of sophisticated modelling technologies and services, Awa supports a range of infrastructure planning needs varying from flood mitigation and environmental compliance monitoring to spatial planning and asset management.


  • Catchment Planning

A whaitua (catchment) is an area of land where rain flows into a common river, lake or other body of water. Using integrated catchment management plans, the Awa team identifies potential risks and opportunities associated with stormwater and develops options to protect and restore ecosystems and natural environments mitigating risks associated with flood hazards. 


  • Strategic Consulting 

With a wealth of experience in infrastructure and flood mitigation projects, Awa offers strategic consulting services including policy development, project & design management and business case development. 

Awa also specialises in environmental technology solutions, and urban development. 


  • Clients include: 


Careers at Awa: 

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