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“Rendez-vous with” Ariane Gonzalez, Trade Commissioner France at New Zealand Trade and Enterprise

In this "Rendez-vous with" interview, Ariane Gonzalez provides NZ companies with valuable advice on how to enter France and/or European markets

As Europe is made of several sophisticated markets, NZTE can help businesses to adopt the right approach and is dedicated to understand what the businesses have in mind regarding their expansion.

Throughout the discussion, Ariane explains that France and New Zealand have shared values and lists some business opportunities on the French market: 

  • E-commerce and online shopping show a great potential
  • There is a trend and great attention to the sustainability sectors
  • The creative sector related to conception brands is growing Overall, the two country already have active bilateral trade in various industries (Spirits and wine, Health, Tech, Marine)

They key advice Ariane gave is to be prepared and try to learn as much as possible about the market you wish to enter, its ecosystem, partners, etc.

Did you know that the NZTE website provides all this information? Visit the NZTE website now!

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