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Climate Fresk Workshop with the FNZCCI board members

Our board members took part in a Climate Fresk workshop facilitated by Caroline Poujol.

The objective was to collectively understand the implications of climate change and trigger action; and see how this workshop can benefit our members and business network.

What is the Climate Fresk?

You don’t have time to read the 2000 pages of the IPCC report?
In 3 hours, the collaborative workshop “The Climate Fresk” allows you to understand the essential issues of climate change in order to take action.

A Climate Fresque workshop lasts 3 hours, using 42 maps. Face-to-face or online, a facilitator welcomes 6 to 14 participants

About the Climate Fresk:

Helping to push the world into transition

Only when everyone understands the current climate emergency will we be able to act at the scale necessary. For the last two years, the Climate Fresk has been creating an exponential wave of realizations and commitment.

300.000+ participants

13.000+ volunteers

50 countries

35 translations


If you interested in organising a Climate Fresk in your structure, contact us via contact(@)

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