Frederique StrefCounsellor & psychologist

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After 25 years of working overseas and being surrounded by many different cultures and languages, She is perceptive to body language, sensitive to the power of words and how they define the way we perceive our world.

What is in words? She is dedicated to listening, receptive to your emotions, feelings, and perceptions, let the words speak for you.

My varied educational and personal experiences of distinct cultures have led me to be very open-minded and adaptable to different situations. Moreover, my experience in rehabilitation centers counseling users in recovery from addiction, and taking part in different group meetings several times a week rooted my practice in human connection, observation, and analytical abilities. I offer active listening and non-judgemental space to express, step back, let go, release, discover different outlooks, and emotional awareness. In order to improve the quality of my service, I attend a weekly session with a supervisor which is standard practice, and follow seminars regularly.

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