Market Study

Analyse your target market

The results of the market study will allow you to evaluate your business potential and define your next steps in setting up a subsidiary or a commercial activity.

Description of the service

Our research work is organised around several axes:

  • Analysis of the local market: level of local production, level of imports, identification of the main players and assessment of their market share, projection of short / medium term developments.
  • Study of the current and future demand, consumption trends.
  • Collection of field information : survey conducted among a panel of partners, customers and competitors.
  • An analysis of the regulations in force.
  • The level of detail of the study will be formalised in precise specifications with our project leader.


Validate the business opportunity and the offer of your company. Adapt your positioning. Define the implementation strategy. Build a Business Plan. Minimise financial risks.

Completion deadlines

Our team will undertake the market study in 10 to 15 days depending on the level of information required.

Our engagements

Provide field information and deliver a full report including a full analysis of the data collected and recommendations to enter the market.

Financement - Chèque Relance Export (CRE)

La FNZCCI est un opérateur agréé pour le Chèque Relance Export.

Le Chèque Relance Export prend en charge 50 %, dans la limite d’un plafond, des dépenses éligibles (hors taxes, avec un plancher de valeur de 500 euros) d’une prestation d’accompagnement à l’international, y compris digitalisée, pour les PME et ETI françaises. C'est un véritable coup de pouce pour des solutions allant de la préparation en France jusqu’à la prospection sur des marchés étrangers.

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