Market Intelligence

Identify your potential market

Our market intelligence report is based on field information and reliable public and private sources.


Description of the service

Our market intelligence report corresponds to a preliminary study which makes it possible to prepare the prospecting mission. This light version of the market study includes a list of players (main importers, distributors, potential customers and competitors) with whom the company will have to deal with during the implementation of their project.

This report will allow the company to be aware of key updates and changes on the following topics: technology, competition, the market, regulation, standardisation, etc.


Scrutinise the New Zealand market or ecosystem specific to your project.

Completion deadlines

Our team in collaboration with our affiliated partners will carry out this service. The duration and prices of the mission will be defined according to the specifications and the complexity of the request.

Our engagements

Provide field information and deliver the first recommendations that will help the French company in its decision-making.

Financement - Chèque Relance Export (CRE)

La FNZCCI est un opérateur agréé pour le Chèque Relance Export.

Le Chèque Relance Export prend en charge 50 %, dans la limite d’un plafond, des dépenses éligibles (hors taxes, avec un plancher de valeur de 500 euros) d’une prestation d’accompagnement à l’international, y compris digitalisée, pour les PME et ETI françaises. C'est un véritable coup de pouce pour des solutions allant de la préparation en France jusqu’à la prospection sur des marchés étrangers.

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