Our 12 reasons to join the French New Zealand Chamber of Commerce and Industry

As a valued Member of the bilateral French New Zealand Chamber of Commerce and Industry you have an unique opportunity to network with other New Zealand businesses that also operate in French and/or the French Pacific Islands markets as well as French companies operating in this market. We are here to foster business between our member companies, and as such we would like to highlight the opportunities open to you for this purpose:


  • 1 Networking opportunities relating to trade between New Zealand and France and/or the French Pacific Islands
  • 2 Access to FNZCCI events at reduced rates
  • 3 FNZCCI Member’s Privileges Card. Access to an international benefits programme offering Members preferential rates in travel and lodging, restaurants, retail and services in France and more than 40 other countries *more information below
  • 4 FNZCCI Directory listing of all our members             
  • 5 Informal introduction service at our events when requested beforehand
  • 6 Quarterly Newsletter including:

- An update of past and up-coming events.

- Our current members update (new product, new contract, new staff).

- A profile of new members.

- Some special offers exclusive to our members (as member, we will include any of your special or exclusive FNZCCI offer for free).

  • 7 Workshop with specific trainings and tuitions provided by EMA at Special Member rate
  • 8 Profile your company and your business:

- New FNZCCI Sponsorship Packages are now available. Leverage your exposure when sponsoring FNZCCI events by really making the most of your brand awareness to your audience.

- Let us know if you, or one of your customers, would like to be a speaker at one of our FNZCCI breakfasts, for extra business exposure.

- Go one step further and host members and friends of FNZCCI at your office for a FNZCCI Members Evening.

- Give your eager audience a presentation on what you do for a better understanding of your business

  • 9 Client entertainment the “French way”. Take advantage of your membership opportunity and let your fellow members (SME or Large Corporate Membership), or your invited guests know more about your business, either at networking functions or at member hosted evenings
  • 10 Access to the other European councils via the New Zealand European Business Council (NZEBC) and the New Zealand EU Portal
  • 11 Domiciliation of your company
  • 12 Access to our members database through a password protected login


Find here the membership application

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Testimony (FR)

" Le 07 Novembre 2014, ma fiancée et moi-même atterrissions à Auckland, les bagages pleins d’espoir et de souhait de réussite. Avec l’objectif de vivre une nouvelle expérience de vie, nous nous étions préparer depuis 1 an, effectuant bon nombre de taches administratives, repérages, et nous constituant à distance un réseau de locaux et migrants.

Le site de la FNZCCI et membres de la chambre, ont été une vraie source d’inspiration et de renseignements. Aussi, afin de rencontrer enfin ces français ayant réussi leur parcours, nous participions le 12 Novembre à un événement organisé par la Chambre du Commerce. 5 jours  après notre arrivée, nous assistions donc à ce qui serait déjà le tournant de notre voyage ; une présentation faite par Patrick Wagner, un expatrié devenu Managing Director chez Gameloft et aujourd’hui continuant son chemin chez Rush Digital Interactive.

Cette soirée fût pleine de rencontres enrichissantes, enthousiasmantes, et notamment en la personne de Nadine Plet, Présidente de la FNZCCI qui 1 mois plus tard me mettrait en relation avec l’entreprise qui m’emploi depuis 10 mois comme Sales and Marketing Manager.

J’ai rencontré lors de cette soirée bon nombre de personnes, des curieux, des expatriés heureux et ouverts à partager leur expérience et savoir.

Beaucoup d’entre eux nous ont aidé à différents niveaux et sont devenus des amis et de solides piliers lors des moments de doute. Je pense notamment à Pierre Leducq, Philippe Meneut, et Ines Ennaifer.

LA FNZCCI a été une alliée décisive dans notre parcours et continue de l’être avec l’organisation de tant d’événements, tant sociaux que divertissants.


Je pèse mes mots en écrivant que sans ses rencontres, nous ne serions certainement pas sur le point d’obtenir notre « Residential Visa » et nous établir définitivement en Nouvelle Zélande. Le meilleur reste à venir, et il est impressionnant de savoir que tout à commencer avec un clic de souris. " Claude Pertusati


Testimony (EN)

“On 7 November 2014, my fiancée and I touched down in Auckland, full of hope and desire for success ahead. We’d spent a year planning for this new life experience, sorting out all the necessary paperwork, locating places and remotely building up a network of locals and migrants. 

The FNZCCI website and the chamber’s members were a real source of inspiration and information. We went to an event organised by the Chamber of Commerce on 12 November so that we could finally meet these French people who had already made it. So just 5 days after arriving, we attended what would be the turning point in our journey: a presentation given by Patrick Wagner, an expat turned Managing Director at Gameloft, and who today continues his journey with Rush Digital Interactive.  

We made plenty of valuable contacts and met enthusiastic people at the event, including Nadine Plet, President of the FNZCCI who, a month later, put me in touch with a company. I’ve now been working for this same company for 10 months as Sales and Marketing Manager.

The evening was an ideal opportunity for meeting a lot of people, some just curious to see what’s going on, others happy expats keen to share their experience and knowledge. 

Many of them helped us with different things and have become friends and real rocks during the difficult times. People like Pierre Leducq, Philippe Meneut and Ines Ennaifer.

The FNZCCI has played a pivotal role throughout our journey and continues to do so with the many social and fun events it organises.

Without a shadow of doubt, if it hadn’t been for its gatherings, we wouldn’t be on the verge of obtaining our “Resident Visas” and permanently settling in New Zealand. The best is still to come, but what’s amazing is knowing that everything started with the click of a mouse.” Claude Pertusati

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