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WEBINAR - Resilience through management in a world of crisis

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The French New Zealand Chamber of Commerce's (FNZCCI) is proud to invite you to its first 2023 Webinar in partnership with Pacific Ventury specialized in leadership, human development and innovation & L'Odyssée Manageriale conducting a study on innovative management and how crises can feed tomorrow's management.

Join us for this first Webinar on the theme of 'Resilience through management in a world of crisis' to learn and get management inspirations from our speakers, innovative practices and management philosophies, insights and expertise: an interactive event to share and challenge your vision.


Type of crisis companies are facing (global, local and internal) and how they can adapt

Human capital as an asset for companies and organisations

Inclusive thinking for a continuous questioning of practices and for improvement

Realignment of corporate values with managerial practices




Philippe Lemonnier
Founder & Director, Pacific Ventury

Founded in 2015, Pacific Ventury is an activist-business putting knowledge, humanity and diversity at the core of its strategy. They provide the latest tools & theories from the newest scientific research, social conversations and technological innovations. Their goal is to create a space, within your organization, to allow individuals to discover their full potential and for the collective to grow an intentional, open and impactful leadership. Employees & managers will then be able to develop their knowledge and skills on core issues, in an innovative and interactive way for better cooperation, inclusion and to make the organization more proactive and efficient while maximizing its results.

Philippe, Disruptive Tutor, founder of Pacific Ventury, is a human development-leadership consultant in the Asia-Pacific region with extensive experience in human development, human innovation and leadership. He helps organizations and individuals develop new perspectives and learn to work with differences, empathy and with a future-focused mindset. Founder of Oceania Prospective, Philippe works with organizations in French Polynesia, the Pacific and globally. He is a keynote speaker, a mentor for the Incubator in Tahiti, serves on the board of the FrenchTech Polynesie and is a member of the French-New Zealand Chamber of Commerce.



Elodie & Dimitri 
L'Odyssée Manageriale

Elodie and Dimitri are two french students in master of management at emlyon business school conducting a 6-months research around the world to discover managerial innovations, with a question in mind :
« how do today’s crises feed the management of tomorrow ? ».
They are doing this work within the organisation L'Odyssee Manageriale in partnership with :
- Research centers (Science Politic Paris, Paris-Dauphine university, emlyon business school)
- Compagnies clubs (The Nextgen Enterprise, l'Entreprise du futur)
- Management specialists (Great Place to Work France, Work in progress documentary...)
- And also compagnies in France, Belgium, and Switzerland (Cognizant, Veolia, Socaps, Altman Partners, L'Incroyable, Sedis Logistics, Eda...) that are interested in discovering new ways of management.

Their work consists in finding interesting content in terms of managerial innovations and then to write articles on it (always in a positive and inspiring way), a final report and deliver conferences in France following their +80 meetings with companies and organisations throughtout 8 countries.

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