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How to build resilience during the Lockdown level 4


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Themes: acceptance, resilience, mindset

 About Melisa Cohen

Leadership and
Developmental Coach

My expatriation experience led to developmental coaching that helped and guided me to overcome the complicated transition process. What started as a self-help quest to pen my own story, be an empowered person, and make informed decisions has become the catalyst of my coaching career.

I pursued and trained to become a High-Performance Coach to empower and help leaders successfully deal with the challenges of an international move. I developed proactive programs to address reinvention and identity issues, career change, social integration, relationship challenges, and emotional difficulties that result from global mobility.

Today, I love coaching leaders on being more present in their lives, clear about what they want for themselves, feeling confident and powerful enough to make changes – all while being compassionate towards other people in the process. My goal is to help them develop their full potential through conscious living, personal development, and the power of positive thinking.

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