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#CuriousTour - Discover Papeete by Pacific Ventury

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Take a trip to the capital of Tahiti and reflect on the role of France in the Pacific.


What if we took the time to rediscover Papeete, the capital is this gem of the Pacific, a French territory? What if we let ourselves be carried away by the questions that the city asks us? What if we let the city help us reflect on the role of France in the Pacific?

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Rediscover Papeete - #CuriousTour

Rediscover urban spaces.

Headquarters of all our offices, we enter it by car, work there and leave it almost immediately. The spaces that welcome us are the reflections of our ideas, decisions, actions. Those from the past, those for today, those about tomorrow. They ask us about our relationship to us, to each other instead.

About the speaker: Philippe Lemonnier grew up in Tahiti. His company offers human and leadership coaching which is something “personal and contextual.” The workshops he organises gives another vision of human resources: “The fundamental resources for companies are not their warehouses, their stocks, their money, it is their people. With his “curious conversations” and “curious tours,” Philippe Lemonnier wants to add value to conferences by inviting the audience to become more active. Philippe Lemonnier wants to “change the world!” He wants to “remove the artificial, act clearly, bring clarity in the understanding of the world.”

Join us for a new edition of #Tourcurieux, an introspective and interactive tour.
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