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The World Bank’s 2016 analysis ranks New Zealand 1st for starting a business and 2nd for doing business. The 2012 ranking puts New Zealand 1st for starting a business and protecting investors.

Doing Business in New Zealand - World Bank Group

Are you looking for information on products, services or investment opportunities in New Zealand? Everything you need can be found below.

Doing business in New Zealand
Whether you’re looking to start a business, invest, or simply do business with a New Zealand company, this easy-to-access site, backed by the New Zealand government, contains all key information you need. Looking for advice on hiring? Information on importing/exporting? Taxes? Tenders and other business opportunities? You’ve come to the right place.


Importing into New Zealand

  • Rules for importing goods

  • Tenders

  • Starting a company

Starting a business in NZ -


Investing in New Zealand

The site for investing in New Zealand connects international investors with investment opportunities in New Zealand. This site is particularly useful if you want to relocate your company to New Zealand or set up a partnership or joint venture. The site provides key information and details on all investment opportunities in New Zealand. This site is the government’s new agency for promoting investments.

Discover New Zealand’s innovative products and services, and more generally the companies behind them. Also, find out about the latest news from the business world, investment options and immigration, as well as all global events connected with New Zealand.


Statistics on New Zealand

This organisation provides you with specific information on the New Zealand market. The official site gives you access to a wide range of free data on the economy, environment, industries and population of New Zealand.


Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade is the main advisor and negotiator of the New Zealand government for foreign and trade issues, and reports to the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Minister of Trade.


French Embassy in New Zealand

This site provides information on everything connected with France in New Zealand. The Economic Section of the Embassy focuses on issues surrounding bilateral economic relations.


Business France – Australia and New Zealand

Business France is part of the French diplomatic mission in Australia. The aim of the organisation is to help French companies expand in the Australian and/or New Zealand market. To do this, it offers a wide range of products and services:

  • Information on local opportunities and the main players in the market
  • Sector analysis
  • Trade missions
  • Market research
  • Stands at industry events
  • BtoB meetings
  • Press releases
  • Promoting the VIE (French international internship) programme in Australia


Practical info

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